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1. How much does a customized slimming program cost? I want to know how much money I should bring with me. 

The cost of a customized slimming program depends on your unique weight loss goals, medical history, type of program and subsequently, the kind of herbs used. Our prices are affordable and comparable with that of our competitors. At the very minimum, when coming in to our office, bring with you the consultation fee. We accept Visa and MasterCard at Point of Sale (POS).  We also accept down payments and deposits, but you may not start the program until everything is fully paid for.  

2. How much are the consultation fees?

Current consultation fees are N5,000.00 for slimming, and N10,000.00 for skin treatment. Consultations conducted online and during our promotions are free. Please note that our consultation fees are subject to change at the company's sole discretion.

3. I have tried many weight-loss and Skincare products. How do I know that your products work?

We have successfully been in this business since 1996, and have maintained our ranking as Nigeria's foremost herbal practice. Our unique combination of herbs and medical cross-referencing perfected over the years ensure safe and effective weight loss. Many of our clients are over 100kg, with pre-existing medical conditions and disabilities that restrict exercise. Our skin care products are designed for African/black skin with much sun exposure, so our products are renowned for skin repair and rejuvenation of tough, sensitive or damaged skin from harsh bleaching agents.

4. Can I use my prescribed medication(s) while on your slimming program?

Our trained Consultants will cross-reference your current medication against our herbs to check for any contraindications.  We will then customize a slimming program that is safe for you to be on while on your medication.   

5. Can I use your herbs while pregnant or breastfeeding?

We advise against the use of any herbs while pregnant or breastfeeding.  While our herbs are considered safe, they haven’t been tested on pregnant women or to see if they pass through breastmilk to the infant.  If you do find out that you are pregnant during the course of the slimming program please stop using our herbs. You may continue once you are done breastfeeding.

6. I am getting married soon, and would like to have a baby. Will taking your herbs affect my ability to get pregnant?

Our weight loss program has been shown to enhance fertility  in our female clients probably due to cleansing/detoxification and modified diet our program provides. We also offer targeted weight loss programs for women with endometriosis, PCOS and other gynecological issues. 

7. Do your skincare products contain hydroquinone?

None of our skincare products contain hydroquinone, mercury, steroids, monobenzone, or other harsh chemical bleaching agents. Our natural skin care products are also free of parabens and silicones.  Our skincare products that lighten the skin are made using herbal extracts that contain lightening and brightening actives, which do not have damaging effects on the skin.

8. I did not use my herbs due to an illness or travel. Can I get a refund?

Quincy Herbals is committed to providing quality products and services. We want your use of our products to be the best possible experience you have had in a long time, but due to the nature of our products we do not accept returns or refunds and all sales are final. Please ensure that you are physically and socially ready to start our slimming program.