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Quincy Herbal Slimmers Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Quincy Herbals”) started in a small office at 16 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi in Lagos, Nigeria on June 16, 1996. The Chief Executive Officer and pioneer herbal slimmer, Dr. Mrs. Quincy Olasumbo Ayodele (hereinafter referred to as “Quincy”), comes from a long line of traditional medicine practitioners and used her grandmother’s herbal remedies to effectively lose weight. In addition, Quincy saw the efficacy of the herbs in treating her obesity-related health conditions. As a qualified naturopath, she expanded her treatments to include herbal slimming, after graduating from the Nigerian College of Natural Medicine.

Over time, Quincy single-handedly changed the erroneous negative stigma associated with herbal medicine in Nigeria by persistently advocating for and spreading awareness on the modern practice structure of herbal medicine, and educating the general public about the proper practice and use of medicinal plants. Quincy is a World Health Organization (WHO) expert on the development of African traditional medicine practice, practitioners, and products. Quincy Herbals has grown tremendously with several branches in Nigeria and a strong international presence and is repositioning itself to deliver its products and services globally in the 21st century.

Quincy’s Vision

To be the global leader of herbal products and services.

Quincy’s Mission

To provide quality weight loss and skin care products and services using the best natural herbs available.

Quincy’s Core Values

Herbal Expertise, Reliability, Innovation, Flexibility, Teamwork, Integrity, Dedication and Superior Service Delivery.